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This is a start and formal opening of my blog to the general public. I was initially blogging at, but with lots of difficulties have been facing recently with my host(Nairahost), I have concluded that I will opt for blogger's free blog hosting service. Atleast my blog will keep existing as long as blogger exists.

I will continue posting my thoughts and articles here henceforth and I will also try to bring in important posts from my previous blog here. I have tried the new Google's blog transfer program to see if it is possible to import my previous blog which is a wordpress blog to blogger. But it seems to be not working for my blog because it is heaver than what the spplication can handle.

I'll repost those hot articles here so that everyone can see it come live again. I do hope you like the design of this blog, I did the design myself using Artisteer Blog Template Designer, so if you want something like this, you can let me know. It will not cost much I promise :). It could even go for free, depends on me.


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