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This is a post from my former blog. It's always nice and interesting to share such experience with people. It will motivate them to make theirs too.

I never believed it not until when it happened to me. I could still remember that day vividly when I shouted in a cybercafe at the surprise of my first dollar online (my first online income).

Many internet marketer will not share their money making secret with you until you pay for it. I won’t blame them, they are only charging you for the information and the time they spent in researching and testing the secrets.

My first dollar came from Google through their AdSense program. Actually I have read a lot about this program and I never firgured out how to go about it. I started by designing a small website with the intention of filling it with affiliate ads from clickbank and ads from Google AdSense.

I registered with clickbank and I got 10 hot affiliate products to promote. Then, I launch the website so as to apply for AdSense that internet gurus say it is much more easier to make money with. I submitted the website to Google's editorial crew for review to get approval to their Adsense program.

After 2 working days, I got a message from them stating that I did not qualify to use AdSense on my site. I was totally disappointed in my first attempt but they did mention one thing and that is the reason why the website was rejected. They said my site was rejected because I was promoting Google’s product on my site. I got confused, so I was forced to review all the affiliate products I was promoting and I later found out that I’ve got GoogleCash among the affiliate products listed on the website.

Immediately I removed it from the list, I reapplied. And later my site was approved. I nearly went mad when I saw couple of days later after I've done so many search engine submission and forum posting that I had earned $3 in my Google Adsense account. This, geared me up to do more and since then I have been making money from Google AdSense.

I will like to say that, Google AdSense is one of the best, easiest and quickest way to earn your first dollar online. Nothing can be more easier than AdSense.


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