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As we have Dos in Blogging, so we have Don’ts. There are couple of them you have to avoid in order to build a successful blog no matter what. Being a professional blogger need discipline. You have to keep a list of what you need to do frequently on your blog and also what you need to avoid no matter what.

I have compiled these Don'ts so that you need to avoid them:

Don’t 1. Don’t Spam other Blogs: When commenting on other blogs, don’t spam their blogs with URLS. One URL is fine, two is too much, three is spamming. You’ll easily lose your reputation if you engage in spamming. No one in the blogosphere will take you serious.

Don’t 2. Don’t be Abusive: Some readers can post a provocative comment, shake them off and handle such smartly. Don’t insult or abuse any reader whatsoever. No one will forgive you if you make this mistake.

Don’t 3. Don’t be neutral: Before posting a comment on a blog, you should read the main blog post and comment based on your own opinion. Don’t leave a neutral comment under a blog post that needs your contribution. Participate actively on blogs, don’t just be a “no opinion” type. Also, don’t leave a thoughtless comment. Nobody will visit your blog from such comment.

Don’t 4. Don’t lift blogs’ content: Getting fresh content for your blog can be a huge task for you. You might sometime want to reference an article from another blogger’s blog when you have nothing to right about, when doing that, try as much as possible not to edit the article to avoid violating the copyright law and also leave a link back to the author’s article as compensation for the article (it is compulsory). Plagiarism is a serious offence in blogging. You dare not do it if you don’t want to lose your credibility.

Don’t 5. Don’t write your content for Engines: Search engines (SEs) don’t fetch you money, they fetch you traffic and if you write for SEs and not your readers, you’ll lose all traffic they sent you. This means that, write interesting articles that readers will enjoy reading. You should not satisfy search engines at the expense of your readers. Write more for your readers than search engines.

Don’t 6. Don’t blog for Money: You are surprised at this last don’t, isn’t it? Well to be honest, don’t blog for money, if you do, you’ll get discouraged along the line if the money never come. If you blog for authority, certainly the money (revenue) will come in. If gaining authority is your main purpose of blogging, you’ll never be discouraged. For your success’ sake, just don’t blog for money, blog to build a brand, an authority.

With all the aforementioned, I think we can all review how we blog. We need to look into how we blog so as not to loose in the long run. Not all bloggers follow this strictly but if you do, you will reap the fruit handsomely.

Lastly do the dos... Avoid the donts. Do you have any other thing bloggers need to avoid? Post them in your comments


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