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To a blogger, traffic means money and links to your blog is free traffic. This in turn results in free links to your blog and also means more and more money for you as a blogger. The more links to your blog, the more visitors you get and the more activities on your blog. Moreover, search engine like Google love blogs with high inbound links.

See the progression like this: get more sites or blog to link to your blog; this will increase your page rank on search engines which will also in turn give you free traffic and in the end, make you more money.

You can now see the importance of having links coming into one’s blog. Here, I will discuss top linking strategies that will push up your blog’s page rank and also increase your traffic in no time.

Write Great Content
To start with, this point is the most important point in any blog’s success journey. Content is the soul of a blog. It has a lot of benefits. I can’t mention all here as I wrote in the 5 steps to creating a successful blog, but I am interested in using my great content to get free links back to my blog.

Not just any content, but a good content that will compel anyone to want to link to it from their blogs. Good contents like pillar articles, how-to articles are nice ones to write to get free links back to your blog. Try it today and see the amazing return you will see.

Link Out and They will Link Back
The adage; give and you shall receive is a strategy to follow to get top blog to link to you. After strategy no1 is out of way i.e. you’ve been writing good contents on your blog, try sending out free links through any means from your blog to other blogs and owner of those blog will want to link back to you even if you did not ask for it because they believe they owe you. That is how life is, you sometimes help people out without expecting a return and they will want to return that favour for they believe they owe you a lot.

Visit Other Blogs
Visiting other blogs is to know more about the blog and the blog owner. Knowing more about them will give you a sense of belonging to them. Try to join their community and comment on their blog, that is when they know you came to visit their blog. Great bloggers do visit their readers’ blog and if they find any good article, they’ll link to it. Or even mention about your blog on their blog.

I got a free video review of my previous blog on and this gave me a boost in traffic. Jeremy has a plugin on his blog that shows the recent comment in the post on the homepage. It is a free way to shout out yourself and your blog to his blog’s readers.

Make a Broadcast
This has nothing to do with the media; it is not a jingle you broadcast on air on TV or radio. This is another way to notify blogs that you’ve got a new article on your blog. Make a list of blogs in your niche and send out news broadcast to them that you have an article on your blog. If they come and notice that the article is worth linking to, they’ll do it without hesitation.

Because they want to hold their readers with good content, linking to yours will even make their readers trust them more.

Harness the power of Social Networks
I don’t need to scream this into your ears. You should know how valuable this can be if you add it to your linking strategies arsenal. Tap into the power of the social networks to send out your content through the networks so as to get links back from the networks. We have a number of them, just try to get your content to the first page of any of them lets say Digg or StumbleUpon and see the number of sites that will link back to you.

Grab the opportunity of my Blog-roll
This might not be new to you but still you can have it done for you. I want to give out free links to blogs and hopefully if they’ll return it.

Now that you understand the importance of link exchange; a better way to get me link to you is to contact me requesting for a free blog listing on my blog and I'll do just that.

Work out these strategies and you will experience a massive boost in your blog page rank on Google and a boost in traffic that leads to a boost in income.

These are not all strategies available on the internet, there are much more of them that are useful for bloggers to implement. Don’t hesitate to contribute by leaving a comment. Leaving a comment itself is another way to get a free link back to your blog.


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