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Twitter is a social networking site that network people through status updates called tweets and direct messages. Twitter is a good marketing tool to promote a product and also to drive traffic to your website or blog.

The network is people you follow and the ones that follow you. Any status update (tweets) you post will be visible to all your followers who will see it in their tweets feeds page. With this, you can build a large followership and market anything to them.

You can be among those who criticise twitter as you might not see any reasonable thing in sharing status updates. But since the emergence of twitter, different applications have been developed to make it more interactive and fun to use and ultimately profitable. Just like Facebook.

What interests me in twitter is that you can determine the popular topics and join the buzz. But aside that, twitter is good for marketing. If you are yet to be on twitter, my sincere advice is that you should register for an account now.

As to making money from twitter, I got a mail from John Chow long ago about the easiest way to make money on twitter and I followed the instruction set in the mail. I once put up a review article on twittad on my previous blog (I will rerun it here), but this standalone platform that uses your tweets with your twitter account to make you money is wonderful and different.

Sponsored Tweets is a social media marketing tool that utilizes your twitter account with your tweets to fetch you money per tweets created by IZEA. They link you up with advertisers that are ready to pay you for your tweets. Do you get that? Advertisers are ready to pay you any amount you specify to have you post just a tweet about their product or service in your twitter account.

Sounds easy? I thought the same way when I got the message. Now, let’s do this together. I’ve signed up for Sponsored tweets and I want you to do that too now.

Joining Sponsored Tweets is free, only your twitter account is required. They require your twitter account to be around 120days old and with a minimum of 200 followers. Advertisers will not want to advertise on new accounts, only existing and valued ones are marketable.

If you know you fall into this category, i.e. your twitter account is up to 120days old (4 months) and you have more than 200 followers, then, let’s roll together into this new platform. This is an opportunity, start today.

If you’ve joined sponsored tweets already and you are familiar with their platform, please share your opinion through comment, so we can all learn from it. If you know more about them, let us know.

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