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Recently, a new virus (Malware) is making the buzz around the internet and has been confirmed to have hit big companies that was suppose to be extra careful about security.

Coca-Cola, Disney, NASA, Comcast and the almighty Google were all hit by this new virus. The virus is an email-borne virus and it had Comcast shut down their email servers completely to prevent further attack.

The 'Here you have' virus appears in your email box as a new message from someone who has your email in their email address book. In the mail is a link disguised to be a .pdf file that compels victims to click. Once clicked, it does nothing visibly but behind, it automatically attacks the address book and sends out the same email to the contacts in the address book.

Presently nothing has been said about the damage caused by this virus (atleast not at the time of putting up this post). But it was stated that if you have any new mail with the title 'Here You have', you should delete it immediately and not open it even though the virus cannot operates on its own if the mail is opened unless you click the .pdf link.

My oquestion now is that, what if the sender of the virus change the title of the email message to something new, how do we now secure ourselves? Left to me, though it was advised not to open any email with the 'Here you have' title, I would recommend that you should avoid clicking any link in your emails for the moment till enough information about this virus and how it operates is available.

Do not think that this virus only affect your email address book, it also affects computers that are connected through the network. So you need to be at alert for any suspicious email whether it has the same title with the virus or not.

Secure your PC with an up-to-date antivirus programs. Antivirus programs with firewall and anti-spyware services are the best bet to keep yourself secure online from virus and spyware attacks. Norton Internet Security, Kaspersky Internet Security, McAfee, are the ones I can recommend but do check their features to see if it suits what you want before you get them.

To delete 'Here you have' emails or not to delete? Just be leery of any links in your e-mail as you might not know which one carries that malware. What's your opinion?



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