PostHeaderIcon Unclean Water: A Menace In Our Society

Water should be an element of life just like air. Without water, man will not survive. We use water for our daily activities. Water is not only useful for us, it's also effective for other things. Your car uses water to cool its engine. Water is a blessing to mankind.

What about unclean water?
An unclean water is a water that has been contaminated by any foreign harmful substance. And this unclean water has been a menace in our society. Recently in my country Nigeria, an epidemic of cholera is affecting lives in the south-eastern side.

Well, they say prevention is better than cure. While there is a cure for cholera and some other water-borne infection, we ought to make sure that we avoid contaminating the water so as to prevent any epidemic like this.

I am not an expert in water cleansing or treatment but there are some common sense tips we can use to prevent water-borne infection. Because we know that our water can be contaminated in so many ways like toxic waste from big industries. So we should be ready to treat our water before consumption.

Boil Before Drinking
If you happen come from the region that does not have access to government supplied water and you can't dig your own bore-hole to get water yourself, then any other water you want to consume MUST be boiled. Boiling to the highest degree celcius will kill any germs in the water.

When it comes to toxic waste or acidic water, I must be sincere, I do not know the chemical process of purifying or treating them to be safe for consumption but I do know that water supplied from the government are safe for drinking.

Unclean water is very very dangerous to our society, let's join hands to support cause to better water for the community. Bloggersunite, WaterAid America & are working together to bring clean and safe water to people who are dying because of an unclean water.

Bloggers are uniting to support this initiative don't be left out.

Clean Water, Safer Life!


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