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I read a book titled “You Can Win” by Shiv Khera some months ago and the first chapter was about attitude. How our attitude determine our altitude. And from this same chapter I got the below excerpt. It is what WINNERS do. It makes me believe that I'm also a WINNER since I possess most of the following qualities:

What WINNERS do:

  • are always part of an answer not part of the problem;
  • always have a program not an excuse;
  • always say “Let me do it for you” not “That is not my job”;
  • always see an answer for every problem not a problem for every answer;
  • always say “It may be difficult but it is possible” not “It may be possible but too difficult”;
  • always admit he was wrong when he makes mistake not to deny it wasn’t his fault;
  • always make commitments not promises;
  • always have dreams not schemes;
  • always believe he must do something not that something must be done;
  • are always part of the team, not apart from the team;
  • always see the gain not the pain;
  • always see possibilities and not problems;
  • always believe in win-win, not that for them to win someone has to lose;
  • see the potential, not the past;
  • are like a thermostat, not thermometers;
  • choose what they say rather than saying what they choose;
  • use hard arguments with soft words and not soft argument with hard words;
  • don’t do unto others what they would not want others to do to them, not like losers that do it to others before others do it to them
  • make it happen, not to wait till it happen
  • plan and prepare to win.

These are the qualities of winners that distinguish them from losers. Do you have any other quality of a winner not listed here? please leave it in the comment section. We are all WINNERS


Anonymous said...

This is awesome. Love this post and I'll keep checking your bog for updates. keep it up bondox. I am a winner too

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