PostHeaderIcon Who Should Run a Blog and Why You Should Run a Blog?

Whenever the issue of owning a blog online comes, different opinions were expressed. Most people do not know why they should run a blog or who should run a blog. This post is to shed more light on the issue. Should you have your own blog? May be because you can have a blog if:

  • You’re a Business Owner
  • You want to increase your income online
  • You have passion for something
  • You want to make a name for yourself on the internet
  • You want to have your voice heard

If you fall into any of the above categories, then you need a blog. As a business owner you can make use of a blog to promote your business. Want to make money online? A blog is a good means to get that done. If you’ve got a passion for anything, you can create a blog around it and let people know how much you love it.

If you want to make a name online and also have your opinion heard by people creating a blog will make this easy for you.

A blog as defined by the blogger’s bible is like putting a publishing firm, TV studio, radio station, art or photography gallery, retail store, wholesale product distributor, news outlet, living room and community hall into one tiny box that you control with your mind and fingers. It’s like controlling everything in just a webpage; that exactly what a blog is.

A blog can be anyhting you want it to be, in short, it’s an outlet for you to self-publish your own thoughts and interests to world and let people comment on them.

Why You Should Blog

To stay connected: You can blog to stay connected with family and friends. You can create a community of friends and family to stay connected with each other.

To document your life: Since a blog can be said to be an online diary that never fade or get lost. you can use it to document your daily activities

To speak your mind and share your passion: You need a blog if you want to share your opinion about anything you have passion for. It is in the past that you may have excuse that your passion is such a narro niche that no one is insterested. But now blogging communities exist for evry topic and purpose.

To make money: If you want to make money now online, another option is to create a blog as a hobby and simply monetize it. People are actually quitting their day job to blog full-time. Nothing holds you back from making a living off your blog.

To make a difference: Create a blog to make a difference in community, business, media, family, religion, politics and government. Successful people don’t do different things, they do things differently.

To drive traffic: You can create a blog to drive traffic to your companies website. Using SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and blog advertising you can drive free traffic to your blog and hence generate traffic for your business.

With these you can see that blogging is one of the most powerful tools for thriving in this information age. It allows you to stay connected with people who matter most to you, document your life, establish trust and credibility, build relationships and community, speak your mind and share your passions, make money and drive traffic to your website.

Why should people run a blog? if you have any other view about running a blog that is different from the ones above, then post them in the comment. Your comment is highly appreciated.


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